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Feb '19

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Scott Bentley

Real estate company First National is thrilled to have received the top rating in Canstar’s latest report, which measured customer satisfaction with major New Zealand real estate firms.

 “First National was the top rated real estate company in 5 of the 6 relevant categories: communications and advice, problem resolution, contract handling, financial paperwork, and marketing – and was rated the best real estate company in the country overall,” says First National Real Estate Chief Executive, Bob Brereton.

“That’s a real endorsement of the fact that, not only do we understand these issues, but we’re actively engaged, with our clients, in helping to find solutions to them”.

“It’s all about thinking about things from a client-centric perspective and trying to keep their concerns top-of-mind,” he says.

“Things which worked during a boom may not work as well when the market has flattened off so we need to be communicating with the market in a way which shows people that we understand their concerns and that we have solutions to some of them. That means doing things in a way which is responsive to those concerns”.

Amongst areas in which Mr Brereton feels there is room for improvement, are contracts and paperwork, which can feel a bit overwhelming for many people.

First National Marlborough Principal Officer, Owen Norrish, agrees and says that his company is acutely aware of all of the paperwork both buyers and sellers face today.

“Over the past 30 years I have seen a massive increase in paperwork in the industry, however, most of this is compliance related and is there to protect both property buyers and sellers.

“At First National we fully support this, and are continually looking at ways to streamline processes, and where possible, replace paperwork with online paperless services.

Mr Norrish says that to this end, First National Marlborough has recently employed a specialist Systems Administrator, who is dedicated to streamlining processes and systems both within the office and for clients and customers.

“For example, most information to complete our obligations under the recently- introduced Anti-Money Laundering regulations is captured by way of a secure phone App, and seamlessly uploaded to a cloud-based hub."
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