Is winter a good time to sell

Is winter a good time to sell
By Scott Bentley

Is winter a good time to sell

Some prospective sellers might think buyers are put off by winter's chill and think selling in summer could be a better option. But think again. Winter and early spring can be just the right time to sell, because that's when buyers can see properties, warts and all, and it's actually a seller's time to shine.

Winter: It rains, the days are shorter, and while it might be hard to admit, yes, there is less sunshine here in Marlborough, it’s colder and the trees have lost their leaves, the house can take on a bit of a dreary feel.

First National Marlborough salesperson Simon Green says it's easy to think bad weather could be a bit of a disincentive to buyers to attend viewings and auctions.

"There is always a bright side," Simon says. 

"When others decide to opt out, it means there are fewer houses on the market; there’s less competition and we can even more time finding the perfect buyer for your property – and they will be out there."

Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes: winter and early spring, when gardens are still bare, it’s wet underfoot and there’s still a chill in the air, is the perfect time for them to check out the house for things such as the heating and how effective the insulation is.

"They want to know that it’s going to be a winter haven as well as a summer playground – what the whole package is. This is your chance to show just how cosy your house can be, with good heating and lighting to help show off how inviting it is to come home to," Simon says.

This can all be illustrated in your marketing and advertising as well. And, if you know your place looks particularly good in the spring or summer, think ahead and take photos to demonstrate that this place is one to enjoy year round.

Buyers are about year-round, in all seasons. A good buyer is one who is motivated by the property.

"What’s important for you to consider is not the weather conditions, but your goals and circumstances, and whether it’s a good market to sell. The objective is always the highest price you can get, whatever the weather."